all-in-one bulk system

introducing the all-in-one bulk system, digi's tare-free streamlined solution for the bulk area. from pantry staples to spices, herbs and even vinegars, customers can view product weight and price in real-time directly on the hopper, scoop and liquid scales while purchasing only the amount they need. 


sm-6000 ssr/ssp redefines the new normal for self-service, offering a modern-day approach that brings speed, convenience and adaptability needed in this new era of retail.
with self-service, shoppers can use a reusable container and purchase just the amount they need, reducing both food loss and plastic waste from single-use containers. sm-6000 ssr/ssp is an easy-to-use self-service scale that supports consumers' eco-lifestyle.


let sm-6000 redefines user experience with our state-of-the-art innovation! fully equipped with the latest technologies and enchanting features that provides smooth and efficient practicality for both operators and shoppers. generate additional revenue and brand awareness with 15” high contrast colour customers display.

relish in the swift updating speed of e.labels with hi-touch or infotags. the low-profile platter and anti-stick operator screen with capacitive touch is one of the many features designed for this model. 

reinvent the daily experience with the latest sm-6000 scale today!


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