delious pico是一种与收据打印机和顾客显示器集成的pos终端,只需要一张标准a4纸大小的足迹。这样的节省空间的设计允许在餐馆有效利用工作台面。      

与delious cloud结算室系统整合,通过网络浏览器从任何地点管理主数据和跟踪销售变得更容易。


drv-100 is a reverse vending machine that significantly reduces the volume of pet plastic drink bottles. thanks to a newly developed compression mechanism, drv-100 realizes both space savings and high-quality resource recovery. and, by connecting a loyalty card point server to the unit, customers can collect points as they recycle, so you can attract more customers and increase repeaters. in addition to the standard drv-100 model, the drv-100t offers higher storage capacity, which decreases the number times the unit needs to be emptied.
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