economy, efficiency and eco-friendly



capacity max 6kg max 15kg/ 30lb max 30kg
single interval 1/ 3,000 e= 2g e= 5g/ 0.01lb e= 10g
1/ 6,000 e= 1g e= 2g e= 5g
capacity max 3/ 6kg max 6kg/ 15kg max 15kg/ 30kg
multi interval 1/ 3,000 e= 1/ 2g e= 2/ 5g e= 5/ 10g
model sm-5300b (bench) sm-5300p (pole) sm-5300ev (elevated) sm-5300ev plus (elevated) sm-5300ssp (12.1"self-service) sm-5300ssp (19" self-service) sm-5300h (hanging)
dimension (mm) 360(w) x 472(d) x 136(h) 360(w) x 500(d) x 542(h) 360(w) x 438(d) x 550(h) 360(w) x 438(d) x 637(h) 360(w) x 460(d) x 637(h) 442(w) x 480(d) x 757(h) 359(w) x 369(d) x 883(h)
operator display, 7" wvga with touch (800x480) ο ο ο ο - - ο
customer display, 7" wvga
ο ο ο - - - ο
display resolution 1/ 3,000, 1/ 6,000 & 1/ 7,500
number of keys 28 preset keys/ 23 alphanumeric function keys (for 7" operator wvga with touch screen)
label types liner / linerless with autocutter
liner label/ receipt roll diameter 125mm (max)
liner label/ receipt printing speed up to 150mm/second*
linerless label/ receipt roll diameter 95mm (max)
linerless label/ receipt printing speed up to 100mm / second*
power source ac 100/ 110 or 220/ 230/ 240 volts (50/60hz) auto switch
operating temperature -10°c to 40°c
humidity 15% to 85% rh
standard interface ethernet 10/ 100 base t, 4 x usb 2.0, rj11
net weight 10.5kg 11.5kg 12.5kg 16.0kg 13.3kg 17.0kg 14.0kg
* to achieve maximum print speed, high sensitivity thermal paper is necessary. contact digi for details.


工作时间: 08:45~17:15 (周一 ~ 周五)