case studies


traceability system facilitates complex management and formulation of raw materials

nihon kolmar co., ltd.

nihon kolmar co., ltd. is a cosmetics manufacturer in japan that works on a wide range of body care and hair care products for major domestic and international cosmetics brands. to be able to accurately handle the enormous range of raw materials used in the company’s products, nihon kolmar introduced the it-matex iii traceability system. the system not only eases the physical burden on employees, it also helps relieve job stress and effectively shortens working time.

inventory management system helps prevent shipping errors and increase work efficiency

kobayu co. ltd.

kobayu company ltd. introduced an inventory management system to help prevent shipping errors, such as shipping the wrong parts or wrong number of parts. this case study describes how combining it-matex iii with counting scales and other peripheral equipment realizes a system that helps to resolve shipping issues and increase work efficiency.


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