all-in-one bulk system

introducing the all-in-one bulk system, digi's tare-free streamlined solution for the bulk area. from pantry staples to spices, herbs and even vinegars, customers can view product weight and price in real-time directly on the hopper, scoop and liquid scales while purchasing only the amount they need. 


sm-6000 ssr/ssp redefines the new normal for self-service, offering a modern-day approach that brings speed, convenience and adaptability needed in this new era of retail.
with self-service, shoppers can use a reusable container and purchase just the amount they need, reducing both food loss and plastic waste from single-use containers. sm-6000 ssr/ssp is an easy-to-use self-service scale that supports consumers' eco-lifestyle.

rm-5800bs ai

rm-5800bs ai 是一台结构紧凑的,易于使用的自助式人工智能秤,可以轻松部署在各种零售场合,为散装和袋装商品的销售提供高效和人性化的操作,确保消费者无障碍的自助购物体验。  
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