this counting scale is capable of dealing with a wide variety of items, both large and small, through the skillful control of two sensors. beginning with paper products (such as flyers), steel, plastic, and wrapping materials, it can count almost anything that you would want to count. after your items are counted, an internal printer prints out labels that can be used as inventory labels when attached to the counted items.

dix-2000 系列

其特征是有一个7英寸高亮度彩色tft显示器。利用其特征突出的显示器和多个接口,指示器支持更复杂的称重操作。品种包括粗线条结构、符合ip65保护等级的 dix-2000系列和通用dix-1000系列,为适应变化的工作环境提供多样化的选购件。


dsx-1000 comes equipped with an easy-to-read, 7-inch color lcd panel that helps prevent weight check errors by clearly displaying the weight and setting values.
the scale automatically checks the weight against preset upper and lower limits and notifies the user that the weight is low, ok, or high with indicator lights and a built-in audible alarm.
its full-featured printing functionality (for built-in printer models) lets you better manage the weighing process by providing a print-out with a serial item number, the check result, and the tare amount.
dsx-1000 has a standard rs-232 interface for sending weighing data to a pc or an optional external printer. the interface can also be used to control other equipment.
dsx-1000 also features a large 270.9 x 198.4 mm weighing platter.
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