sm-6000 ai

sm-6000 ai infuses enterprise-grade cognitive intelligence into retailers’ operations, delivering high accuracy and recognition speed for rapid product identification. this edge computing technology grants high-speed performance and can be easily deployed in various settings such as fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and nuts to identify loose and bagged produce. 


drv-100 is a reverse vending machine that significantly reduces the volume of pet plastic drink bottles. thanks to a newly developed compression mechanism, drv-100 realizes both space savings and high-quality resource recovery. and, by connecting a loyalty card point server to the unit, customers can collect points as they recycle, so you can attract more customers and increase repeaters. in addition to the standard drv-100 model, the drv-100t offers higher storage capacity, which decreases the number times the unit needs to be emptied.


with a track record of approx. 2,500* reverse vending machine installations across japan, digi has added drv-200 to its lineupーa large-capacity model that holds 2.5 times more bottles than its predecessor. with a universal design that even children can use and enjoy, it provides greater convenience for consumers while improving operability for store staff. by collecting plastic bottles as a high-quality recyclable resource, drv-200 provides a practical solution toward a circular economy. in the face of growing awareness of sdgs, accelerating trends in plastic use reduction, as well as soaring oil prices, the realization of sustainable recycling schemes, such as the bottle-to-bottle initiative, are attracting widespread attention.

*as of november 2022


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