teraoka/digi will be presenting at the first ever sustainability retail summit this fall. the two-day event is organized by the consumer goods forum (cgf), an international network of consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. cgf initiatives are driven by four ‘pillars’, which include sustainability, food safety, health and wellness, and end-to-end value chain and standards.

the sustainability retail summit (srs) is a two-day event where businesses, government representatives, international organizations, and other health and sustainability leaders and stakeholders convene to discuss environmental and social sustainability issues. the consumer goods forum sustainability retail summit will be held in paris, france on october 27th – 28th 2016.

teraoka/digi has partnered with a major japanese retailer, uny, in creating a presentation for the event that showcases the success of waste reduction and food recycling efforts in japan. teraoka/digi has also sponsored a booth with the theme “weigh more, waste less” that will provide information on the use of weighing technology toward waste reduction.
the company’s technological solutions offer opportunities to increase profits while lessening the negative impacts of industry on the environment.

■ about the consumer goods forum
the consumer goods forum (cgf) is a global network for the consumer goods industry. the cgf brings together the ceos and senior management of more than 400 retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and related companies across 70 countries, and provides a unique platform for sharing knowledge on a variety of industry issues.

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for more information on 3r practices in japan, please see the following article:


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